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We have more than 25 years of experience in supplying renewable electricity to the countries where we operate; promoting the use of clean energy. In Central America we are the largest biomass-based energy generator.

Electricity generation plant in Guatemala

Qualified Service Provider

Pantaleon Energy

The Supplier of Qualified Services – Pantaleon Energy – has initiated energy transactions in the Mexican electricity market in 2020 under the modality of Qualified Supplier. The presence of Pantaleon in both markets, positions us as a strategic partner to carry out energy import and export transactions between Guatemala and Mexico.

With 25 years of experience in electricity markets, we operate cogeneration plants in Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, selling more than 150 MW during the harvest season. We have a presence in Mexico since 2011, operating from Pánuco Mill, a legacy project under the Power Electric Public Services Law (LSPEE).

Energy Forests

Being associated to an agroindustrial process, during the non-harvest season we generate renewable energy from other types of biomass.

Our energy forests are managed responsibly to serve as input for the cogeneration process and at the same time to extend the vegetation cover in deforested areas. Get to know more.