Responsible Neighbors

We seek to grow alongside the communities that surround our operations, generating genuine relationships and promoting development.

In 2020 we achieved:

Communities benefited
Social investment
Community development projects
People benefited
Community development projects

Contributing to the development of successful communities.


Water and sanitation projects

We support programs related to health, safety, water and sanitation. In Nicaragua, with the project “Water for All”, we have benefitted more than 8,000 families in 16 communities and they now possess their own drinking water supply.


Health projects

In 2020 we created prevention plans against COVID-19 to preserve the well-being of employees, their families, and neighboring communities. We supported over 93 communities through education campaigns and continuously delivered masks, alcohol, and informational posters. We donated over US$1M in additional contributions to different efforts including supplying medical personnel from local institutions and the construction of hospitals through different alliances.

In previous years we have also supported the construction of health centers, enabled and equipped nursing homes, and provided care for pregnant women.


Education projects

  • Construction of community preschools and elementary schools.
  • Construction of classrooms and improvement of sanitation facilities in schools.
  • Education programs for adults.
  • Provide scholarships and technical courses for members of the community.

In Mexico and Guatemala, more than 800 women are trained annually in bakery and confectionery, beauty and make-up, and other activities of interest to them. Knowledge is reinforced with business management courses that provide tools for the development and strengthening of productive projects.


projects developed in the priority axes: water and sanitation, health, and education.

We promote education

Pantaleon schools

We promote inclusive and equitable quality education for the children of our collaborators, as well as children and youth of the surrounding communities. We have four schools, two in Guatemala and two in Nicaragua, serving more than 1,700 students. The schools provide a constructivist education called “Visionary Schools, Citizenship Builders” where children and young people are active participants in their training. This methodology supports the students’ self-esteem, making them agents of change within the school, their family, community and country. This program has been recognized nationally and internationally, with the “Corporate Citizen” award received in 2007 by the Organization of American States (OAS).

Reforestation campaign in Pantaleon´s school in Nicaragua.

Securing the future

Early childhood development centers

Support for education starts early. Early childhood development centers called, “Rainbow of the Future” provide comprehensive education, early stimulation, food security, and access and psychopedagogical care. It stimulates the development of motor skills and promotes health through school feeding programs and growth monitoring for children aged one to five years old.

Promoting growth

Adult education programs

Pantaleon provides primary and basic education to its employees. In Guatemala, programs of literacy and academic leveling are provided during the harvest to the migrant workers. In Mexico, mill operators have the opportunity to receive these courses within classrooms equipped in the mill. These programs allow employees to continue their studies in order to access better opportunities both inside and outside the organization.

Collaborators receiving classes inside the facilities at Pánuco sugar mill, Mexico.

Connecting with our neighbors

At Pantaleon we listen to our neighbors and participate in round tables to find solutions to common problems.

We have a mechanism of communication and suggestions in which the communities can consult regarding our processes or report any incidence that we may have caused them.

The Social Development team of each sugar mill responds to all incidents in less than seventy-two hours.


Guatemala: +502 2377-2424

Nicaragua: +505 8927-5441

México: +52 8461019850 ext. 9301

WhatsApp: +502 4128 7000 (Open to any country.)

Online: Click here.

Written mail: Addressed to the Department of Social Development.

In-person: For complaints made in-person, we follow up using a file record.

Visits to our operations

As part of our community engagement strategy, we promote and receive visits and guided tours of our operations. These visits allows us to foster good relations, showcase our processes and openly share information about our products and activities.

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Annual visits to the sugar mills

Developing neighboring communities

Pantaleon Foundation

Since 1992, Pantaleon Foundation has contributed to the responsible development and quality of life of people through education, health and environmental projects. Created by members of the founding family, the Foundation supports communities of influence in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico.


We are part of Fundazúcar, the social arm of the Guatemalan Sugar Association (ASAZGUA), who promote social programs with the aim of promoting integral development.