Code of Ethics and Conduct
Working at Pantaleon
We live our values

Our actions are guided by the values that represent our beliefs, aspirations and identity.

We nurture our culture of ethics with everyday actions, with our peers, environment, customers and the communities around us. An ethical company is built by its people who live and promote the values that guide us to accomplish exceptional achievements.

We define in our Code of Ethics and Conduct (CEC) compliance with the legal regime, ethical behavior, and values that should govern our actions. Our philosophy, business commitment, responsible development practices, values and principles are reflected in our Code, which defines who we are and how we interact with our stakeholders.

Integrity and honesty.

We seek to be honest people who act correctly and according to the truth.

Respect for our people and commitment to their success

We believe in the potential of each of our employees and promote equal opportunities.

Permanent improvement and change with long-term vision

We seek to fulfill our obligations to the community, the laws, and regulations that regulate our business activity.


We want to hear from you

Learn about our toll-free lines and different ways you can contact us in relation to ethics or community complaints.


Ethics Line and Community Complaint Mechanism

We have an external service where any of our collaborators or stakeholders who have had a direct or indirect impact from our operations can access. This third-party provider ensures anonymity and discretion. Through this line you can register ethics or community complaints and it can be accessed from any of the countries where we operate.

Ethics Line

We invite you to inform us about possible violations to the Code of Ethics and Conduct or acts that do not represent our culture. We guarantee confidentiality during the investigation of complaints.

Community Impact Mitigation Mechanism

To ensure the well-being of the communities where we operate, we promote continuous two-way communication to mitigate any potential impact we may cause. We have a robust alert resolution process through which we provide attention and solutions to problems and concerns arising from our activities.

The Social Development teams, in conjunction with different departments within our operations, follow-up on the resolution of alerts or incidents to develop improvement plans. All notifications received are recorded and investigated. This information serves as feedback to adopt, within our operating protocols, practices that mitigate and eliminate social impacts.

Communication Channels

External operator: 1-801-000-2424

External operator: 001-800-5020098

External operator: 800 1233422

From other country: +502-2377-2424


Online: Click here

WhatsApp: +502 4128 7000