Responsible Development
A commitment to the world

Responsible Development is part of our culture and business strategy. It means ensuring our long-term success and fulfilling our vision of creating a better world. We ensure the welfare of our people, promote development, care for the environment, and produce quality products.

A Responsible Team

Our employees are the heart of our business and their welfare is of the utmost importance.

We adhere to the conventions of the International Labor Organization and respect the dignity and human rights of our collaborators according to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Moments of dialogue at Concepcion Sugar Mill, Guatemala.


We seek to grow alongside the communities that surround our operations.

We believe that interaction with stakeholders increases the value of our operations and ensures the long-term success of our business units. We value communication and honest and transparent interaction.


benefited communities from community development projects in 2020.


We adopt best practices and invest in technology to reduce our environmental footprint.

We seek to use natural resources, energy and raw materials efficiently and at the same time, we ensure the management of environmental aspects.

Forest at Pantaleon Sugar Mill.


The rigor of our certifications ensures the quality of our products, the sustainability of our operations and the satisfaction of our customers.

We add value to our products by implementing the best international practices in quality, innocuousness, safety, occupational health and the environment.

View of the “Volcan de Fuego”, Guatemala.

Responsible development
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