People & Culture
We value our people

Our aspiration is to build high performance teams with the best talent in order to generate a productive organization that embodies its culture and values. We recognize that our employees are a competitive advantage and base for the sustainability of our business in the long term, which is why we are committed to the success of our teams through their development and motivation.

Working at Pantaleon

We believe in the importance and value of quality human interaction to make our operations stronger and more sustainable.

Each employee is a brick of a great house. Social capital is the cement that unifies the bricks; it is the synergy in our teams. We contribute to the implementation of dynamic and fluid structures in which they interact positively to create a great winning team.

Team work at Monte Rosa sugar mill, Nicaragua.

Maintaining a high performance culture

We attract the best talent.

For us, the talent of our high performance teams is the main competitive advantage, so we strive to attract the best and assign them to positions where they add value to the organization.

Team work at Panuco Mill, Mexico.


employees during the milling season.

Developing our talent

We believe in developing human potential.

To be leaders in the market it is necessary to foster the growth of our employees, bringing them closer to knowledge, technologies and experiences that impel creative solutions to innovate and positively impact our businesses. In turn, we promote individuals throughout their careers based on meritocracy.


We promote a genuine interest in our employees.

Leading by example, we create an environment of respect and ethics, where each collaborator can unleash their potential. Honest, authentic and genuine relations with our employees is paramount in maintaining our commitment to their personal success.

Process of the mechanical harvesting at Monte Rosa sugar mill, Nicaragua.

Compensation and benefits

We offer a competitive value proposition.

Our compensation and benefit packages are attractive and competitive in the markets where we operate. Compensation packages are aligned with the organization’s strategy, and the capacity and performance of our employees.


We do what we say.

Collaborator in the workshop at Pantaleon sugar mill, Guatemala.

UN Global Compact
Panuco sugar mill adheres to the world´s largest corporate sustainability initiative.
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Pantaleon’s Trajectory
Recognizing those who have supported us in building our vision.
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