Developing Our Talent
People & Culture

We foster the professional growth of our employees, bringing them closer to knowledge, technologies and experiences that impel creative solutions to innovate and positively impact our businesses.

Performance management

We recognize our employee´s achievements and promote their development.

Our performance management system allows us to encourage continuous improvement, feedback and recognition of exceptional achievements.

Employee performing routine security checks in Pantaleon, Guatemala.

Talent Planning

Talent Management and Succession Planning.

We align our talent processes to the needs of the business and the career interests of our employees, guaranteeing the sustainability and continuity in the short, medium and long term. For example:


CORE – Technical careers

This professional development program allows employees to plan their career path in one of the technical branches of our organization. We motivate our employees to become technical leaders in their field.


of employees in administrative positions complete a quarterly performance evaluation.

A talented team of leaders.

Talent Development

Excellence in our leaders and teams is always a priority.

We seek to develop inspirational leaders, who are at the service of the group’s success and the growth of their teams.


Lead 1 – Leadership training

We form exceptional leaders with high communication skills, designed specifically for Pantaleon.


Lead 2

Seeks to strengthen employees´ communication skills through a learning process that involves concepts such as: trust, non verbal communication and management techniques.


Mentoring – Trust Builder

Our program is based on a trust relationship between mentor and mentee. The mentor offers advice and motivates their mentees to face challenges, develop skills, and further their potential.


Progress Evaluation

Our Review and Career Orientation Program is an interview between Human Resources, Management and the employee to help employees plan their career path within the organization.