The heart of the business

Our employees are the heart of our business and their welfare is of the utmost importance. We adhere to the conventions of the International Labor Organization and respect the dignity and human rights of our collaborators according to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Diversity at work

We value the talent that each member of our team brings to our organization and challenge them to make their performance exceptional.

We are respectful of ethnic and cultural diversity and human rights without discrimination by gender, ethnic group or religion. We treat each person with dignity and respect, and provide a fair and competitive compensation.

More than
quality jobs
Health and security

Our priority is to protect the health and safety of our people.

We believe in a culture in which everyone is committed to reducing the safety and health risks in the workplace. We all have a critical role in influencing safe and healthy behaviors and habits. For this, we have a management system that includes practices such as: identification and control of risks in all processes, safe work procedures, incident reporting, training and communicating best practices.

Each facility has health clinics that provide primary care, ophthalmology and odontology services to employees and their families; providing more than 39,622 consultations during the year.

We implemented an occupational health program that incorporates hydration, food and breaks under the shade. Health brigades accompany groups of collaborators in the field and give them education on nutrition, sexual education, hydration, use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, among others.


of specialized training to promote health and safety at work in 2022.

Doctors doing consultations in a clinic at Pantaleon sugar mill.

Commitment to future generations

We reject child labor in all its expressions.

We have outsourced and direct staff, and it is an indispensable requirement, the evaluation and presentation of personal documents that prove age. Our employees exceed 18 years of age, complying with the International Labor Organization (ILO) regulations and exceeding national legislation in each country of operation.

years old

All our employees are over 18 years old.

Moments of dialogue

We believe that transparent and honest communication is the success of teamwork.

Moments of dialogue is a space to listen to the voices of our people. Each supervisor meets once a week with members of his team to openly discuss issues relevant to the workplace. Records are taken to ensure proper follow-up to the agreements reached. It promotes two-way communication that enables opportunities for improvement and recognizes the effort of the teams. Dialogues include topics related to industrial health and safety, performance evaluations, feedback, among others.

Cane lifting process at Pantaleon sugar mill, Guatemala.