We are the world´s 11th largest sugar producer and 2nd in Latin America

Our reputation, geographic diversification and product portfolio enables us to build lasting relationships with our customers and traders. We are distinguished by our trading capabilities and logistical experience.

We think of the world, we think of you.

We add value to our products by implementing the best international practices in quality, innocuousness, occupational health and safety and the environment.

Trading and Export

We trade and export sugar, molasses, and alcohol through the most important terminals in each country where we operate.

Our commercial headquarters, Pantaleon Commodities Corp. (PCC) located in Florida in the United States is responsible for the sale of our products and centralizes logistics and customer services.

In Guatemala, we export through Expogranel, one of the most efficient terminals in the world, with capacity to load up to 48,000 metric tons of bulk sugar and 3,500 metric tons of sugar daily.


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