Our Policies

Responsible working condition policy

Our policy of responsible working conditions complements what is established in our Code of Ethics and Conduct, applicable to all entities where Pantaleon operates or has a significant influence on the operation. We require legal and regulatory compliance in the countries where we operate.

Colaborator at Pantaleon sugar mill in Guatemala.

Our Commitments

  • Respect for our people

We value our employees and their contributions. We maintain a commitment to equal opportunity, dignified treatment, and respect. We reject any form of forced labor. We are committed to maintaining work environments free of discrimination in any of its expressions, by race, sex, age, nationality, ethnic or social origin, religion, disability, language, sexual orientation, political orientation. We do not tolerate physical, verbal or psychological harassment. Decisions related to the selection and hiring of personnel are based on skills, knowledge, performance, professional experience, ability and congruence with our values.

  • Commitment to future generations

Convinced of the importance of the development and education of the children and youth, we reject child labor in all its expressions. We hire our employees directly, and it is an indispensable requirement the evaluation and presentation of personal documents that prove age. Our employees exceed eighteen years of age, complying with the International Labor Organization (ILO) regulations and exceeding national legislation in each country of operation.

  • Effective communication and social dialogue

We are committed to maintaining effective communication spaces and open dialogue with our collaborators to provide the opportunity to discuss issues of common interest. We promote communication channels for consultation and exchange of information to improve labor relations and take effective action.

  • Salary competitiveness

We believe in remunerating our employees based on a system of compensation and competitive benefits in relation to the markets in which we compete.

  • Development of talent

We recognize and value the work that each employee does. We offer opportunities and conditions to develop skills, abilities, knowledge and work skills.

  • Commitment to safe workspaces

We encourage safe and healthy work practices. We are responsible for maintaining clean and orderly work environments. When necessary, we provide our partners with personal protective equipment to minimize accidents, injury and exposure to hazards.