Pantaleon reaffirms its ethical commitment to include transparency in all its operations!

The Chamber of Industry (CIG), through its GuateÍntrega program, delivered the first GuateÍntegra Anti-Corruption certification to the Pantaleon Sugar Mill. The phases that structured the certification process respond to procedures that have been internationally recognized to develop a business integrity process.

The GuateÍntegra Anti-Corruption certification is a national model and benchmark in Anti-Corruption Systems, adopting the highest international standards on business apparatus issues contained in ISO 37001:2016 – Anti-Bribery Management Systems and other good market practices.

The companies that go through the certification process, says Enrique Font, director of CIG and Guateíntegra, “are companies that are strengthening all their ethical compliance and anti-corruption practices. Obtaining the GuateÍntegra certification positions companies in a very positive way with the interested parties. More and more transparency is requested and the GuateÍntegra certification puts Pantaleon in a situation of business recognition”.

The GuateÍntegra Anti-Corruption certification seeks to validate the efforts of companies such as Pantaleon to reduce the risks associated with corruption in all its forms. In addition, this certification represents our commitment to adopt the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and integrity, having the opportunity to influence society with actions that transcend.

Pantaleon will continue with its efforts and seek to obtain other certifications that will strengthen its operations in the short term.

We are proud to share this achievement and promise to continue strengthening our anti-corruption and ethics compliance practices.