This year we celebrate 173 years of operation! So let’s celebrate history and achievements together.

“We have been characterized by always operating with a high social conscience. We are recognized for doing things the right way, promoting development in our actions. We seek to positively impact the places where we operate, training and transforming industries with a good example.”

Don Julio Herrera, General Manager 1973-1994; President Pantaleon Group 1994-2016

A visionary, Manuel María Herrera, acquired the Pantaleón y San Gregorio farm in 1849, later converting it into the Pantaleon Sugar Mill. Constituting Herrera & Compañía with his two eldest sons, Francisco Herrera Moreno and Carlos Herrera Luna, they produced 40 thousand arrobas of sugar in 1880.

When his father died, Carlos Herrera Luna took over and turned the company into the largest sugar producer in Guatemala, implementing technological advances and promoting the construction of the railway station to go from the sugar mill to Puerto San José. Then, under the administration of Carlos Herrera Dorión, sugar exports to international markets are promoted.

When Julio Herrera was appointed General Manager of the company in 1973, he began a phase of geographical diversification by acquiring the Concepción Sugar Mill in Guatemala, the Monte Rosa Sugar Mill in Nicaragua, La Grecia Sugar Mill in Honduras, Pánuco Sugar Mill in Mexico and the Vale do Paraná Sugar Mill in Brazil, managed jointly with Grupo Manuelita.

Innovating has become a constant, promoting the generation of electrical energy based on sugarcane bagasse and the production of ethanol and other products related to molasses. Responsible development continues to be part of the company’s culture and business strategy. In 1992, the founding families created Fundación Pantaleon to ensure the development of the surrounding communities.

In 2012, as a group, the production of one million tons of sugar was achieved for the first time.

Under the strategic vision of strengthening the position of Pantaleon, in 2019, Pantaleon sold the shares of La Grecia sugar mill in Honduras. This decision makes it possible to face the challenges and future growth projects focused on operational excellence, creation of added value, high responsibility, and reputation.

In 2020, the administration of Ingenio El Mante began in Tamaulipas, Mexico, with two mills in Mexican territory.

In 2022, after a historic harvest, Panuco sugar mill will be positioned as Mexico’s number one sugar producer. Our operations in Mexico increased their production substantially due to the improvement in performance after the acquisition and expansion of El Mante sugar mill and the increase in the milling capacity of Panuco sugar mill.

After 173 years of operation, Pantaleon continues as a family business and has become a leader in sugar production in Latin America.

We thank everyone who has helped us build this success together.

“We have a great past. We have a great present. We have a great future… it is in our hands. Let’s continue building this great legacy.”