On July 20, we received the “Ally of the Year” award from the Center for Health, Work and the Environment (CHWE) at the University of Colorado. Congratulations to the leaders of the various teams that made this possible! Special thanks to Dr. Alex Cruz, Dr. Daniel Pilloni, Dr. Magda Castrillo, Daniel Soto and Inés Amenabar.

Since 2016, we partnered with the University of Colorado to investigate and mitigate health risks in workers. The alliance started by evaluating the effectiveness of the heat stress program and we have expanded to include analyzing the effectiveness of all our Integral Wellness programs.

Through this alliance we have jointly published more than 20 studies in scientific journals, sharing recommendations, lessons learned and best practices internationally. In 2020 we published an article on the applicability of the Integral Worker Wellness concept for Latin American agribusiness workers. We are currently developing 2 field studies sponsored by the US National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

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