The sixth edition of the Carrera del Azúcar was recently completed in Honduras. With the participation of over 2,000 volunteers, we were able to raise $16,780.00, which will benefit the sustenance of facilities of El Arca de Honduras in the area of Choluteca, which works with people of special needs.

Carrera del Azúcar is organized and advocated by Ingenio La Grecia and its volunteers; it also has the support of various companies and friends.

This event seeks to raise awareness in the areas of health and solidarity, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and family bonding. The funds raised by this event are allotted to support institutions dedicated to social causes in the area of Choluteca.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone involved, Carrera del Azúcar has become an established event in city’s annual calendar and has attracted athletes from all over the country.