At Pantaleon, we are committed to the development of the communities surrounding our operations. During the COVID19 pandemic we were met with the challenge to help spread awareness and accurate information regarding the disease to community members in Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Brazil.

We created an educational campaign about COVID-19, that seeks to inform community members regarding the disease and actions to help limit its spread such as a constant use of facial mask, handwashing and the importance of social distancing.

We worked with the support of volunteers, professionals on the subject, and Pantaleon employees to disseminate the information, reaching their homes. We also made donations of antibacterial gel, alcohol and masks to prevent COVID-19.

In December 2020, we supported in 52 communities in Guatemala and 22 in Nicaragua with posters about the prevention of COVID-19. Additionally, we continued to support community health services and public entities with alcohol, personal protection equipment and educational information in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua y Brazil.