Since 2016, Fundazúcar, in alliance with the Ministry of Health, has promoted the innovative program “Mi Salud Primero”, which trains public health workers to develop technical skills and an attitude of service. More than 437 health workers from 65 health centers on the South Coast have been trained with the aim of promoting preventive health in the communities.

In addition, joint prevention actions are carried out against COVID-19 and vector-borne diseases such as dengue, Zika and / or chikungunya through the education and training of human resources from the health sector and the communities of the South Coast.

Some of the actions that have been carried out as part of the “My Health First” program are:

  • Delivery of the Protocol “Plan for the prevention, containment and response to cases of COVID-19” from the Ministry of Health to 65 health services of the South Coast.
  • Trainings for 500 health professionals distributed in 12 face-to-face and/or virtual training workshops on the COVID-19 protocol of the Ministry of Health and preventive health promotion, with an emphasis on the “1,000-day window” and diseases caused by vectors such as Zika , Dengue and Chinkunguya; with 93% attendance.
  • Technical support to health professionals for the use and updating of epidemiological data analysis, with the aim of developing a culture of analysis of the information produced for making timely decisions.
  • Nine deliveries of Personal Protective Equipment to 917 health workers in the priority area of ​​the South Coast with the purpose of protecting health workers on the first line of attention to COVID-19.
  • Participation of the Fundazúcar team in 70 Nutritional Brigades for the active search for children with Acute Malnutrition, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and SESAN in 10 municipalities of 4 departments of the South Coast.

“The sugar mills promote the development and well-being of the communities through a responsible operation and the execution of social programs aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals,” said María Silvia Pineda, Asazgua Sustainability Manager and Fundazúcar director.

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