Our program Living Soil seeks to combat pests typical to sugarcane cultivation with sustainable solutions, which leads to the avoidance of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We are taking advantage of cane residues such as cachaça, vinasse, and ash to make controlled composting to generate a Biosubstrate and inoculate it microorganisms from our own souls, which allows us to control and combat these pests. To date, we have achieved more than half a million dollars by replacing chemical fertilizers and have avoided the usage of 292,000 tons of residues managing to convert them into premium product. Living Soil is currently being implemented in the 3 countries where we operate: Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

The Clean Production Certification is a recognition for companies that demonstrate efficient practices that improve their environmental performance, productivity, and competitiveness.

Monte Rosa Mill participated in the 13th edition with the Living Soil Program, which represents the best practices of our Sustainable Precision Agriculture program and demonstrated the economic and social benefits of this sustainable production scheme, becoming the winners of the first place for excellence in the Organic Production category.