Monte Rosa sugar mill inaugurated a drinking water system in the Germán Pomares community in the municipality of El Viejo.

This project improves the quality of life of the beneficiaries; giving them access to safe and quality drinking water, reducing gastrointestinal diseases and promoting the social welfare of the population. The monitoring of the sustainability of this project is carried out through the Drinking Water and Sanitation Committee (CAPS), comprised of members of the community.

In the summer, the water crisis affected 90% of the wells in this community, harming the health of the residents due to the quality of the water they drank.

The scope of the project includes the well drilling, main and residential network, electric pump, tower and storage tank, and pump house. The project benefits 110 homes with over 550 people. Pantaleon´s monetary contribution to this project exceeds US$61,687.12.

Pantaleon is committed to the development and health of the neighboring communities where it operates.