Pantaleon’s Trajectory

For us, honest, authentic, and genuine treatment of people is paramount to maintaining our commitment to personal success. Through our motivational programs, we seek to generate a greater commitment among employees, positively and significantly influencing the organizational climate. We emphasize the loyalty and commitment of our employees, reinforcing the sense of belonging, identity and organizational pride to foster greater inspiration, growth and development.

Many of our employees have a long and outstanding track record within the group, and we recognize it through our Pantaleon Trajectory program. This program highlights the work of our employees by being recognized by the General Manager of the business unit. Employees also receive different commemorative articles as tokens of our appreciation for their 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years with the organization. These are received in an event where employees can bring a special guest and the date of the event matches a commemoration within the organization. During the acknowledgments, positive emotions like satisfaction, gratitude, optimism and joy come to fruition.