Monte Rosa Sugar Mill, with the support of the municipality and the community, inaugurated a potable drinking water project that benefits two communities: La Unión and Plan Nicaragua. Both communities had no access to potable drinking water. They primarily relied on artisanal wells, of which 90% were affected during drought periods.

The contribution made by Monte Rosa Sugar Mill to this project includes:

  • Topographic study
  • Home distribution lines (350 houses).
  • Household meters.
  • Storage towers and tanks, perimeter fence and purifying plant.
  • Pumping station

As part of the project, Monte Rosa Mill forms and trains a Community Water and Sanitation Committee (CAPS) to oversee and maintain the water system, promoting the sustainability of the system.

Thanks to this project we contribute to improving the quality of life of our neighbors as this water system improves health outcomes and promotes social wellbeing.

Beneficiaries:                                                            Investment:

350 houses                                                              US$78,500

1,740 people