At Pantaleon mill we’re proud of our efforts to protect the environment. In tune with our commitment to excellence, we implement the 3R’s program: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, which promotes the optimal disposal of the materials we use in our activities.

As part of the 3R’s initiative we classify the waste we produce into the following categories: paper, plastic, aluminum, metal, and glass; we also make sure to dispose of non recyclable materials in a sustainable and efficient manner. As part of our sustainable vision we produce Ecobricks, which are made from waste and transformed into useful products. The vision behind this is to encourage the development of Eco-Friendly construction such as the benches seen throughout Pantaleon mill.

Being a pioneering company in the sustainable use of our resources has the implicit benefit of cultivating environmental awareness in our employees, generating a ripple effect that expands beyond our borders.

At Pantaleon we strive to create an innovative environment, hand in hand with the demands of the preset and the future. We are motivated to achieve excellence in every aspect of our operation, thus insuring a prosperous future.