The Sugar Industry is an economic engine for Guatemala, it generates more than 54 thousand direct jobs, 270 thousand indirect jobs and around 1.8 million people depend on the industry.

The economic footprint in the country generates more than Q9,205.00 each year, reaching 90% of the municipalities of the country and more than Q3,116.00 are distributed in salaries, wages and benefits.

In addition, the sugar mills hire small, medium and large companies that benefit each year from the start of the Zafra, since they provide services, sell equipment and materials to the mills while generating more jobs.

The 2021-2022 Zafra will take place in challenging conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic; However, the mills continue with strict biosecurity measures both in the field and in the factory, and despite the effects of the pandemic and global logistical problems, the sugar sector is betting on a recovery in production during the 2021 harvest. 2022, with an expectation of 57 million quintals.