The sugar agribusiness, under its commitment to the sustainable management of the environment and the mitigation of climate change, has made efforts in its production processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the carbon footprint of Guatemalan Sugar is one of the lowest at the international level.

According to the Guatemalan Sugar Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory study by the Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC), the carbon footprint of Guatemalan sugar for the 2019-2020 harvest was estimated at 0.33kg of CO2eq for each kilogram of sugar produced, which is among the lowest in relation to others worldwide. For example, the carbon footprint of Guatemala is less than the footprint of producers in the United States which is 0.57Kg of CO2eq/Kg, the European Union with 0.64-0.76Kg of CO2qe/Kg, only being the Carbon footprint of Brazil lower, which is 0.24/Kg of CO2qe/Kg. This means that our production process is more environmentally friendly than most international producers.

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