The Supplier Incubation Program annually supports a group of suppliers of our Guatemalan operations in fine tuning their strategic and business plans to innovate and grow. The purpose of this program is to contribute to a strengthened value-chain, promoting job creation and a sustainable business ecosystem.

The Incubation Program consists on:

Over the course of 1 year, Pantaleon suppliers work with the support of the Pomona Impact team and a network of mentors. Each supplier consolidates its business model and works on the aspects that are most important to grow their company.

 The program consists of four phases:

  1.  Selection: Pantaleon selects suppliers who share its long-term vision, have high employment generation potential, and are motivated to actively participate.
  2. Induction: Pantaleon and Pomona Impact explain to providers the objectives of the program and the commitments and requirements expected of participating providers.
  3.  Execution and follow-up: For 10 months, we accompany suppliers to focus on preparing and fine-tuning their business plan with validated information and data. also, tutoring services, specialized advice and training in business management are offered, among others.
  4.  Closure: Suppliers present their achievements. these include making a business plan, defining strategies to achieve the business plan, executing actions, and developing entrepreneurial skills.

The 14 companies that have participated in the program have various achievements including: generating more than 245 new jobs at the end of the program, increased sales, new facilities and distribution centers, new clients, among other impactful projects that contribute to the economic development of the region.

At Pantaleon, we grow with our suppliers!