With the slogan “Water for All” the Monte Rosa Mill has supported the communities in installing their own drinking water supply system. Working hand in hand with community leaders and local governments, we fund well drilling, pump assembly, water storage and purification, and/or installation of home networks. We train and support community leaders in establishing and formalizing their Potable Water and Sanitation Committees (CAPS) in order to ensure self-management and sustainability of the projects.

The “Water for All” program was inaugurated in the community of la Curva in 2017. Built with funds from the company and the support and coordination of the mayor’s office, the community, Encal, and FISE, the program has guaranteed access to a safe and sustainable supply of water; impacting the health and well being of 11 communities, benefiting 6,731 people.

This year, social programs under the slogan “Water for All” are taking place in the communities of Carlos Fonseca and Los Valientes. This project will directly benefit 1,056 people from 264 households.