As part of our commitment to environmental conservation, in Guatemala we participate in the Reforestation Plan of the Sugar Industry and ICC, under the objective of planting 900,000 trees of different species in the South Coast of the country. Since the beginning of the program in 2011, the guild has contributed to the planting of more than 7.7 million trees, as well as we have contributed to the conversation and recovery of forests on the banks of rivers and in the highlands, reforesting more than 310 hectares of land in the last 11 years.

Additionally, as our corporate volunteering this year will focus on reforesting a farm of great water importance in the country, hand in hand with FUNCAGUA, with whom we have committed to plant 550 trees on September 10.

At the same time, in Nicaragua, through the “One tree at a time” campaign, we are donating plants to the surrounding communities; we intend to deliver more than 50,000 by the end of the year.

This initiative began in 2014 with the objective of promoting in the communities the care for the restoration of the environment and the planting of trees and their care. To date Monte Rosa Mill S.A. has delivered 1,654,184 plants in support of reforestation campaigns, supporting different institutions such as MARENA, INAFOR, municipalities, producers and different communities, making us a national reference. In addition, we are carrying out the first stage of a Study to Identify Areas of High Conservation Value.